Infos in English

This is only a high-level summary of our services for your convenience. If you still have questions, drop us an email here

Pole Classes

If you never did pole before or did less than ten pole classes or your last class was longer than a year ago, we recommend booking one of our beginner classes. We offer two special beginner classes, where we focus mainly on all basic techniques and only do the very first inverted positions (if any at all). Or you could try out our special trial class on Sunday

Once you know how we roll (or already have some more pole-knowlegde) you can register for whichever class fits your current pole level best and can be worked into your muggle schedule :).

Since CoVid class max is at 11 people, so no one has to share a pole and social distancing can be maintained. 


Stretch Classes 

For our stretch classes we differentiate beginners from more advanced students not by how far down their splits already are or by how bendy their back and shoulders are, but by how good you already know your body's reactions. For advanced stretch class, you should be able to feel the difference between an intense, but healthy stretch or a strain which, if kept on, will result in an injury. Beginner stretch mostly focuses on mobility, active and dynamic stretch and muscle engagement, with some passive positions at the end only. Further, you will learn to listen to your body and interpret various signals correctly. Don't worry, you will get an awesome workout and definitely progress in your splits and bends. 


For our advanced stretching class you should be able to recognize the point where a good stretch turns into a bad one. Here we will do more passive excersices, but still working on your active and dynamic flexibility and mobility, just with more sophisticated techniques. The advanced class will finetune the knowledge you already have of your body and push for more ;)


You can pay every class as a single lesson, as you would have to with a trial class.

We also offer class passes for either pole or stretch classes. These passes are valid for a year from the time you bought them.

If you already know you will like to come regularly we offer a couple of membership options as well :) For more info on those just drop us an email.





If you'd like to take a class at our studio we'd kindly ask you to register via our online booking system. That way you can make sure you get a spot in your favourite class. If a class is already fully booked you can still join the waiting list. In most cases there are some cancellations and spots will be free again. In this case the system will notify you via email. You then have a 30 minute window to either accept or decline the spot before the next person on the list will be contacted. So if you really want to come check your email regularly on those days ;) If you need to cancel a booking you do so by clicking the link in your confirmation email and then change the ticket options. If you'd prefer you can switch the systems language to English you can do so here. Class descriptions however will remain in German. Late or no cancellations will be fully charged. 



For our regular classes you chose whichever pricing module you would like to use. The booking system only allowed for one option, so just tell us when you're here :) Please be aware that in the studio only cash payments are possible. If you would prefer to transfer the amount you can of course do so beforehand.

Workshops have to be paid no later than ten days after booking via transfer (banking details will be in your confirmation email). Otherwise your booking will be cancelled.


How to find us

As stated below the address is Leipziger Straße 36, 60487 Frankfurt. The building is a bit set back from the main street in the courtyard. Just walk straight across, go through the glass door up to the second floor. It's the door on the right. If you need more help, check out the German description here, there's some helpful pictures there :)